Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pod People

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hours at the pediatrician's office today, two kids with 104 degree temps, and flu test was positive. Also, saw friend from school at doc office and she thought I was pregnant. Mortifying. Hope your day sucked less.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Playing catch up:

Sparkles the dog got ran over by a car. The people didn't stop. Broke her pelvis in two places and dislocated the femur bone. She spent several weeks at the vet (yes, again, this dog is determined to bankrupt me). Has to be kept inside in small space for three weeks, then goes back to vet for surgery. Put her in the new room that was being used as the kid's playroom. Removed all toys, lined floor with cardboard boxes, doggie pads, and cedar shavings. Its embarrassing for people to see the room. Dog has peed on carpet in living room 3zillion times and even more times in the "dog room". Felt bad for other dogs being outside in the cold and rain and snow (OMG, more snow - will it end already?!?) so let them come inside. Big mistake. Male dog hiked leg and peed on wall. House now smells of dog piss.

Had to call 911 the other night because TheDaughter could barely breathe and was complaining of severe chest pains. She was literally gasping for air. The ambulance took forever and had the police to call saying they were knocking on my door and for me to let them inside. I was standing on front porch and they weren't anywhere in sight. Later found out there was a tree down across driveway which further obstructed driveway. It already looks like a trail in the woods, not a driveway, but the downed tree made it impossible for them to get down here so they had to drive through the neighbors yard. By the time they got here, TheDaughter was fine. They didn't even listen to her heart or take her vitals, just gave me paperwork to fill out and then they left. Every other experience with them has been pleasant but not this one.

I think she may have full on asthma instead of just exercise induced.

It snowed again. And again.